general update

britt came into town last weekend, so we got to hang out. we always enjoy her trips to dayton because it means that we have something to do, and FRIENDS!
she told us of an interesting piece of mail she received two weeks ago: a save the date to cole's wedding. the same wedding that ryan was asked to be in 4.5 months ago.
my original hopeful thought was that we had not been sent a s-t-d because we clearly knew when it would be; afterall, ryan was supposed to be in it. but no, my hopes were dashed, as britt told us the wedding party was listed on the invitation itself-- no mention of ryan.
ryan claims that it doesn't bother him; that he's over it, but I don't believe him. I feel that it is my fault, and I am glad that ryan loves me enough to have finally told cole off, but I wish that (newly designated) sfb lindsay didn't make him choose between us and her.

classes ended. in my stats wannabe class, I realized that if I didn't answer the essay questions, then I would still get an A, so I just didn't turn them in. naturally, this is the one time the man is "nice" and sends me an email asking me what happened to the rest of my final. I'm not quite sure how to respond... "it was too much work, and I didn't feel like doing it"... "why bother when I already have an A"?
if I tried to say that I didn't have time, I am sure he'd give me an extension-- something I do NOT want, because I plan on NEVER answering the essay questions, even if I did get more time.
I didn't do the work, so I shouldn't receive the points; end of story. stop trying to give me credit!!!

other than that, not too much is happening that is different than anything else day to day.