uh, yeah...

from the pizza hut commercial:
"now you can order america's favorite pizza from your iphone!"

... I thought using a phone to get your food was the whole concept behind delivery...



we had a fly enter our house a few days ago, and he's a bit too stealthy for me to get, so he keeps flying around. here's the odd part though... he's very social. no matter what room I walk into, a few minutes later, he's flying around it. it has nothing to do with where the light is coming in or if there's food somewhere.
I keep talking to him (okay, yelling), asking him to leave me alone. I would be much more tolerant if he would just stop bothering me, but he must be lonely, because he doesn't care. unfortunately, I think henry believes me to be nuts, and acts all sad when I yell; his vision is so bad, he probably isn't even aware of the fly's presence.