I suppose it's time for my every few months spurt of updates...

henry is enrolled in school, and is not doing so hot. he's really good at the commands, but he doesn't want to show them at school that he can do them... I think he doesn't want to show up the other dogs. he then proceeds to bark and bark and bark- usually another dog instigates him, but then he goes nuts. today I took him to daycare in hopes of wearing him out a bit, but no such luck. they informed us that he is "iffy" to graduate, though they assured us that he'd still get a "valiant effort" certificate. I like to compare henry to einstein- he's so bored in class that he'll flunk out.

my art class at sinclair is going well. I am disappointed that most of the people in my class are art students and not design, because I've managed to find a few that I really like and can talk to, but I'm going to have to start all over next term.

sock wars... I got a kill, so that's something at least. sadly, my assassin knit a pair of socks in A DAY AND A HALF. I have no idea how. I'm still in awe of my own 5-day pair. at least I am back to my sweater(s) and working on reducing my stash so ryan can stop complaining and I can resume yarn buying-- good thing we found a work-around to chris' new year's resolution!