last week we saw some people that used to be our friends. I have been trying to build up the courage to speak to one of them to try to fix things between us, and now I have finally asked to meet up, though the nerves are about 100 times worse now.

here's hoping for the best.


"kids say the darndest things..."

(the scene: ryan and I sitting on a park bench outside of graeters, sharing a cup of peanut butter chip. little girl walks by with (presumably) sister, and grandmother.)

little girl: gramma, is they having a baby?

**insert emily breakdown here. and yes, she used "is they".

alarm clocks

we need a new alarm clock. I bought one for ryan for his birthday 2 years ago that had these necessary features:
- the ability to set it for weekdays only
- nap timer
it also has a very nice sound, switching on softly and getting progressively louder.

it is however missing nice large numbers, which is bad for my squinty eyes. I have dealt for two years with this however. the part I can no longer live with, unfortunately, is the lovely blue display. whoever decided that alarm clocks should have any color other than red led lights??? I always knew green was bad, but blue is even worse, it just looks much nicer in the daytime. red is the only color that doesn't completely light up the room, despite the dimmer switch (which apparently had been turned off in the move, so there is a slight bit of hope for this clock yet, but it was bright in the apartment too, so probably not really).

the problem? no one makes such a clock. I couldn't even get it if I wanted to pay $100 for more features that I would never use. I am kicking myself because last year brookstone modified the clock I bought to have red led, but I had just bought a clock and didn't want to buy another. now, they are no longer available.
I found a clock that has all my features but the nap. I found a clock that had all my features but the red led (choosing to backlight the time instead... how is THAT any better?).
I checked ebay. no luck- those people with my clock in red are probably going to bequeath them to their grandchildren.


kitchen remodel

is currently under way. =)

that is all.


general update

we are officially moved out of the apartment and into the house, although we are still surrounded by boxes. my kitchen should undergo construction mid next week, and I can't wait!

chris took me to the north dayton garden center last week and I bought some petunias to put in my window boxes (how domestic of me!) two of the window boxes seem to be succeeding, but the last just looks pathetic. I thought that the plants in it were deader than dead, but yesterday I noticed some little green buds at the ends, so I still have hope!
then ryan and I did a bunch of, well, "pruning" I suppose over the 3 day weekend, and-- for the most part-- the plants look better. I have been fighting an ongoing battle with something that may or may not be thistle; whatever it is, it is annoying and everywhere.

things settled down enough that I put my taylored socks up for some test knitting, which is quite exciting! it seems so unreal that someone I've never met might walk past me on the street some day wearing my socks! (okay, so this is unlikely, because I am betting that even grumperina doesn't see jaywalkers on the street)