an "oh $*&@!" moment

for an assignment, I was to go to an aa meeting and write a reflection paper. sounds easy enough, right? apparently not for me...
here's an exerpt from my paper:
Have you ever seen those ads in newspaper classified sections, or on www.craigslist.com that they title “Missed Connections”? The ones where someone posts that they saw this other person at Starbucks and was too nervous to talk to them, or where they have talked to the other person every day in the elevator at the office building, but they don’t know the other person’s name? That’s my relationship with AA:
My first encounter with you was brief. No words were exchanged; you were just closed off, but I vowed that I would return. I saw you again a few days later. I was about to approach you, when I saw you with someone else— someone I knew— and I knew that it was not my time.

after being locked out of a meeting wednesday evening, I headed to another one this morning. as I was parking, someone pulled in right next to me... someone I know rather well and see on a consistent basis. I think this person did not see me; I hope this person did not see me, as I want the meeting to have been effective for this person, and I don't want our relationship to change. this person may not be an alcoholic; there are a hundred reasons why this person may have been there that does not equal being an alcoholic. but oh $*&@.



for anyone who didn't get the news yet, ryan and I got a dog. we found him on petfinder and he's adorable. he's part westie, part jack russell terrier. I wanted a full westie, but ryan fell in love with the little guy, and he IS a sweetie, so now he's ours. I will post a photo when I feel like I actually have time, but for now, I am missing my 5 year reunion due to his separation anxiety. ryan and I are hoping to fix it somewhat (or rather, make it manageable or at the very least quiet) in the next few days; wish us luck!


extra, extra

I got a new computer! it's a 2.4 macbook, and it's pretty darn cool. I am just getting everything set up on it (fixing things such as the transparent menu bar and a 3D dock, that had been altered in an efffort to look more cool when I simply do not need it to be THAT cool, just "pretty darn" cool).

I guess that's pretty much the big news. here's hoping that my other potential big news comes through this afternoon, in which case I will have more to report on (although, sadly, it is doubtful).


WEDDING NEWS: save the dates are at the printer. he showed me a proof of one, or at least of each side, and it looked great, but I am still nervous... they get picked up tomorrow.

bridesmaid dresses are almost selected. it's really between two, but I think I have it down to one. despite erin's wanting to hang out this weekend, I am subjecting her to bridesmaidly duties, like scoring save the dates (and perhaps a trip to bridal & formal to try on the two dresses). I am sure she just wanted to gourge on ice cream, and that's not so much what's going to happen. regardless, I am excited to see her.