a dog of ill repute

as we returned home yesterday afternoon, a mere hour and a half before ryan's mother and grandparents were due for dinner, a dog raced from behind the house across the street and into our yard. she's small; some sort of terrier mix. she's a girl. she is sweet and (for the most part) seems to like henry (who in turn likes her-- for the most part). she is well fed with a healthy coat and seems to be housebroken... yet no collar (or imprint of one) and long toenails. she does NOT belong across the street. we're not naming her right now because we're hoping she won't be here long, but it isn't looking great. ryan thinks she needs a name like hester or jezebel.

we've reported her as found all over the place, but at this point, she may soon end up belonging here. a guy came and looked at her this morning, but sadly she isn't his, so it's back to the lists, and the flyers. we don't want her to end up in a shelter because she seems to be such a good pet.

and just when we thought we were going to stay a one dog family... ::sigh:: and our second dog was supposed to be a westie...


jewish easter (with some goyshe help)

ryan didn't want to go up and see his dad's side of the family today, which was going to be a bit awkward since they asked us last week if we had easter plans and we said no. we didn't want to be rude to his grandmother, because she has a hard enough time understanding the 'no pork' guidelines, and so passover would surely go completely over her head, and then not eating might be offensive. I told him that it was his call, because it was his family's holiday.
"you know, if we spend the day with my mom, then at least I have an excuse, and I don't feel so bad about not spending easter with them" was his logic, so we called her up.

enter ellie's easter plans: take us to siebenthaler's to buy us some spring plants, and get working on the garden. the three of us spent 5 hours out there on what we had anticipated to be a small project. but once we decided to take out a couple of dead and ugly bushes, suddenly the misunderstood and badly shapen spruce by our bedroom window seemed none too difficult, and we had picked up a cute waterlily magnolia to put somewhere, and the spruce's spot seemed as good as any. add that to all of the bed defining and creating (we stopped after making a little one around a tree and realizing how difficult it is), and you get a full afternoon's work for 3 people!

pictures later (we didn't finish until 8:15, and then we ate, and then it was dark. but ryan's antsy to get some good shots with his slr)

so I guess my only question is... anyone know exactly how to get the city/ waste management to haul away the yard debris? (after all, we all know the city and I are not typically on speaking terms...)