I made my own granola this week! we have been on a hunt for cheaper granola that is just plain, and isn't quite as pricey as the back to basics kind. after striking out on a number of different ones to try, I just made some from this recipe. alterations: I used peanut oil instead of vegetable, and I cooked for 10 minutes after I stirred. after taking it out of the oven, I promptly forgot about stirring it, and had to pry it all from the pan with a knife after it cooled. this did lead to some nice sized chunks, which I've been snacking on. it's really good. it reminds me of my favorite cookies while I was pregnant because of the cinnamon and oats and peanut oil(in the cookies, I subbed the chocolate out to use peanut butter chips to make the whole thing just that much more peanut butter-y. it was a good choice). it's made me want to try to find a way to turn this granola recipe into peanut butter granola bars. I'll have to play around some more to figure it out, but I think it should be doable. I read a tip somewhere that adding an egg before baking helps granola bars stick together, which makes sense. the granola is still slightly sweeter than we'd like for yogurt, but I can probably take away a bit of the honey and replace it with a little more oil.