so many things are going on... we have the wedding, of course, but beyond that. [that is the only mention of that word in this post, I promise!]
- I have ten days left at work, which is quite a relief, but also something I will greatly miss. my coworkers are wonderful people, and it is always nice to have a couple people who you can speak to solely in sarcasm and have them (a) not take offense- EVER, (b) give it right back.
- I am trying not to jinx anything, so this will get its own post when we know for sure, but we most likely have the house. it will be quite a change, moving to the suburbs. I always told kara that we felt like we were "revitalizing" dayton. we have been able to walk to our very favorite restaurants, festivals (including celtic festival), bars, and more. yes, it is dayton, home of Just About Nothing, and yet there is always something going on down here should we decide to partake. the house is set back into a quiet little neighborhood that means we will have to drive to go anywhere. and the Birds. I imagine the trees in the yard will have Birds. Birds like to chirp.
but the suburbs have their perks too... closer to groceries, a basement, a yard for henry. it just will be quite a change.
- life plans. I feel that I am always just on the brink of a career crisis. the problem, I think, rests on a line from keeping the faith. the old (read: wise) priest says, "the truth is, you can never tell yourself that there is only one thing you could be... you cannot make a real commitment unless you accept that it’s a choice that you keep making again and again and again,". I am always happy in whatever job I am doing. but am I happiest? I hate to feel that I have thrown things away-- time, money, plans.

knitting! yes, knitting... I am currently trying to block my chuppah, which involves stringing fishing line through each edge... which is a lot of fishing line. wish me luck!!!
I am also working on a top down raglan tunic that I designed myself... I am using one of my adrienne yarns, martina, and it is absolutely fabuous! the stitch definition is great, and it feel great because it's 30% silk. I don't know why ms. vittadini decided to go out of the yarn biz (probably because she offers like one pattern per yarn and they don't seem to be very good from the reviews), but I love her yarns, and webs currently has them for cheap (this one is currently $5.99, marked down from $12.79!)