Bee Block

Cut the following from 4–6 Main Color (number in parenthesis is how many used for each quadrant): 
6 (1.5)  2 7/8” square
8 (2)  1 7/8” square
12 (3)  4.5"x2.5”
4 (1)  6.5”x2.5”

4- 4.5” square
6- 2 7/8” square

Pairing 1 color and 1 white 2 7/8” , make 2 half square triangles. Press open, trim to 2.5". Repeat with the rest of the 2 7/8” squares.

Draw a diagonal line on the back of each 1 7/8” square. Place one on top of a 4 7/8” white square’s top left corner so that it is covering the white fabric, and one on top of its lower right, right sides together.
This photo refuses to turn, so IT IS SIDEWAYS. Please turn your head so that you see the squares on the top left and bottom right instead of top right and bottom left.

Stitch along your drawn lines. Trim, leaving a quarter inch seam. Press open. Trim to 4.5” square.

Lay one 4.5” strip over the white square’s right-hand side, right sides together. Sew with a quarter inch seam. Press open.

Sew one HST’s main color edge to the end of one of the 2.5” strips to create a long strip. NOTE THAT DIRECTIONALITY DOES MATTER, SO BE SURE IT MATCHES THE PICTURES
Stitch 1/4" seam along the righthand side.

Top: how way to match the 6.5" strip
Bottom: how to match both 4.5" strips
Press. Repeat with the other 4.5” strip and the 6.5” strip. Set the 6.5” strip aside for now.

Attach one 4.5"+HST to the bottom of the white square, matching the joins of HST on the strip to the main color strip that has already been attached.

Sew the other to the lefthand side of the white square, matching the HST to the bottom strip.

Attach the longer strip that had been set aside to the top of the square.

Repeat to make 4. Rotate blocks so that the main colored corner will not be attached to any other sides. Sew together by first sewing 2 sets of two and then sewing those together.

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